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Intellectual Disability Class


Teacher: Mrs. Carol Bautista                                                            

Room: C 326         

Program: IDM -  Special Day Class ( formerly Community Based Instruction)

E-mail: [email protected]


Course Description: The educational program for students in alternate curriculum (intellectual disabilities, autism, and other mild, moderate, severe disabilities) focuses on improving communication, functional academics, vocational, self-care/independent living, motor skills/mobility, recreation/leisure, and social/emotional. The degree to which a student can participate in the planned activities is unique and will depend upon:

  • Student strengths and areas of current and future need.
  • Teacher and parent educational priorities.
  • Level of necessary assistance.

The focus of IDM –Special Day Class , formerly Community Based Instruction (CBI) is on assisting students with moderate to severe disabilities in acquiring the essential independent living skills necessary to successfully transition into the adult world. This is designed for students working toward the Certificate of Completion rather than a diploma.

Individualized Educational Program goals will be consistently utilize as another part of daily/weekly activities.

Structured classroom environment is provided so that the program is consistent and predictable. Students in alternate curriculum learn better and are less confused when information is presented visually as well as verbally.

Mainstreaming and integration to interact with nondisabled peers are highly considered, for these students provide models of appropriate language, social, and behavioral skills.

A large part of CBI is the involvement and support of the student’s family. Open line of communication between the teachers and parents/guardian are necessary in order to provide consistency and continuity, which are very important for children with disabilities

Topics for the Year:

August: Review of Basics and IEP Goals, Unique Curriculum-CORE activities, Routines

September: It’s My Right

October: High School Science Fair

November/December: Around the Solar System

January: From Conflict to Change

February: Where in the World

March: Changes to Light and Sound

April: I Can Earn Money

May: I Look Like My Parents


CBI Activities:


  • Mobility training
  • Banking
  • Food Services
  • Hotel/Motel/Building Maintenance


Instructional Environments:

  • School Learning Environment
  • Domestic/Home Learning Environment
  • Community Learning Environment
  • Vocational/Work Learning Environment



Required Materials:

****CBI Student Travel Packet****

  • wallet with cardholder
  • emergency card
  • money for the activity ( when appropriate) or emergency phone calls
  • DMV identification and/or school identification
  • MTA bus pass, ticket or token or coins


¨  Lined paper

¨  Pencils and erasers

¨  Colored pencils , crayons

¨  Basic Calculator

¨  Highlighters

¨  Ruler

¨  for your donations: liquid hand soap ,Lysol wipes, baby wipes, Kleenex, hand sanitizer

¨  Two 3 inches binder  

¨  5 tab dividers

·         3 student notebooks

·         Writing pen – red and blue/black






Grading Scale:

·         60% Assessments/Performances

·         20% Assignments/Homework

·         20% Binder


Class Rules

·         Respect and be polite to all people.

·         Listen and stay seated when someone is talking.

·         Come to class on time with materials each day.

·         Respect other people’s property.

·         Food and drinks, make-up, or electronic devices will not be permitted in class.


Rewards for following the rules…

·         learning ---à GOOD GRADES

·         good notes/phone call to parents

·         PAT – Preferred Activity Time – choice of special activity



If you choose to break the rules…

1st Offense………..WARNING

2nd Offense….......MOTIVATOR

3rd Offense………..DETENTION

4th Offense………..PHONE CALL TO PARENT

5th Offense………..REFERRAL