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Governing School Council Purpose

Pilot schools represent a fundamentally different approach to transforming urban public education by providing schools with maximum control over their resources in exchange for increased accountability, all within the economies of scale of an urban school district.  In Los Angeles by virtue of a unique agreement between LAUSD, UTLA, and AALA, Pilot Schools have autonomy over five key areas: staffing, budget, curriculum and assessment, governance, and school calendar/scheduling.  In the Pilot School model, both the District and the unions have agreed to allow Pilot Schools to be exempt from District policies and mandates but they must follow all State and Federal guidelines.


School of Social Justice is committed to eliminating the achievement gap and empowering students to seek higher education and become community leaders.   The Governing School Council is committed to using the flexibility afforded by the Pilot School Model to provide more effective innovative programs of instruction that seek to improve student achievement.  In order to achieve that goal we will continue to seek to develop and provide:

  • A relevant, personalized, and rigorous standards-based college preparatory program.
  • Mentorship and academic support via the LINK CREW and AVID programs.
  • Academic intervention through Advisory and after-school tutorials.
  • Enrichment activities and leadership opportunities designed to expand students’ learning and leadership skills and to support their cognitive, social, emotional, moral and physical development.
  • A true partnership with our parents that promotes engagement in their children’s education and will create a home environment that encourages learning and fosters high expectations for their children’s academic achievement.  
  • A myriad of opportunities for students, family, community members, and staff to work collaboratively to enrich the learning environment and reach the goals of the School of Social Justice.