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AP Class Notes
AP Thanksgiving Homework: 
1) Read Thoreau - Civil Disobedience, Gandhi - On Civil Disobedience, and Betts - The Delusion of Impartial Intervention. Be prepared to discuss how these three pieces interact with King and Luttwak. There may be a quiz. There may not. Be ready :)
2) 3 page final draft of argument you chose is due: 
  • —Argumentative/persuasive essay only
  • —Do not use outside sources
  • —Consistent acknowledgment/rebuttal of opposing viewpoints required
  • We will be turning this 3 page essay into 5-6 pages by using synthesis
Asian American Lit: Read A Real Durwan and This Blessed House for homework

2 page double spaced reflection essay on an important dish in your life. What memories do you associate with it? How is it made? Use your tools of description to construct an answer